Friday, May 14, 2010

Growing Present

Since last I wrote here, I have tried to learn and grow as we all do. My beliefs are evolving as as my studies persist, I am attempting to become more present. This is to not measure my life by days and months or to count down to events, this is to accept that it is always now. Life always happens in the present. It is so easy to let our minds lead us astray. The present moment should not be merely a means to an end. Each moment is vital and equally important. No one moment should be ignored and not fully realized or experienced. It is always now. Such a simple, almost ridiculous statement, but most of us are never there. With literally sixty five thousand or more thoughts running through our minds each day, constantly analyzing, reliving, festering, fantasizing, it is no wonder the mind has a difficult time not being stressed. We prepare and worry over future events that may or may not happen. We fret over past events with anger or disappointment all the while knowing that it is out of reach and no longer exist. The only thing we can control is the present, because that is the only reality. When we are able to do this, we can begin to quiet the mind. When we quiet the mind, we allow new and exciting concepts and wisdom to manifest. That my friends, is how we attain inner peace and open ourselves to our own innate wisdom. I promise to keep this blog more up to date. For now, love and light. Please visit my website

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not just creation, but creator

I truly believe there is so much more to us than meets the eye. We are spiritual beings. I am not referring to any specific religion, but we are spirit. Each of us carries a spark that is so much more and contains the potential to manifest the life we desire. What we believe must be in line with what we think and that must be in line with the actions we take. There are laws of the universe that are happening whether you believe it or not. This life is a journey and you are in control. You are responsible for your joy in life. You are responsible for so your called success or failure. You have the the energy within you that connects you to all creation. Visit my website and join the journey of self discovery.